About Me

Hi, I’m Ilya and have a deep passion for UX / UI design based at Vancouver. I create exalting and immersive user centered applications for the entertainment and media industries.

Thought my life 3 factors have fascinated me the most - Technology, individuals, and taking on challenges head first. Since the age of 3, traveling around this planet at least once a year created exposure and a general understanding of different cultures, languages. The general approach was to always find logical paths to achieve set goals while maintaining empathy for others.

With an approach and emphasis on problems and tackling different angles/perspectives, as well as being able to understand the final user overall very well. By understanding users well enough, we can approach problem solving and experiences in a most convenient fashion for the user. If not users, who else are we designing for ?

  • Sketch

  • Adobe Cloud

  • Logic X / Pro Tools / Ableton Live / FL

  • Principle / Overflow

  • Viso / Axure XR